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Fractional and Interim Leaders: On-Demand Senior Talent to accelerate growth in your business

Gillespie Manners On-Demand Leadership Talent Solutions will help your business to thrive. We unite seasoned senior executives with companies in need of short-term and part-time C-Suite leaders who operate on interim or fractional models. 

Our vast network of passive talent has been carefully cultivated over two decades. What’s more, our proactive headhunting approach ensures we headhunt specific profiles aligned to your business goals. 

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Fractional C-Suite hires provide startups and scaleups with flexible, accessible leaders at an affordable cost. If you need specific expertise and leadership, but aren’t ready to invest in a full-time C-Suite Officer, recruiting a fractional leader will deliver the level of insight and expertise you need, on a flexible basis.

If your business is experiencing rapid growth, or navigating a period of uncertainty, strong leadership is vital. Gaps in your C-Suite can cause chaos. Interim C-Suite Officers adept at change management and business transformation are the ideal solution to help achieve your short-medium-term strategic goals.

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Award-Winning Global Executive Search

Gillespie Manners is an award-winning global Executive Search firm. We specialise in sourcing mission-critical senior and niche hires for growing businesses. 

Over two decades, we’ve cultivated a vast network of senior technology talent across sales, marketing, customer success, operations and more. 

We work on a retained basis to deliver the highest calibre of talent. We exclusively headhunt, meaning we can target specific talent with pinpoint precision. 

We headhunt high quality candidates for c-level roles (CRO, CFO, CMO, COO, CIO), regional leadership positions, sales leadership roles, regional leadership roles, senior marketing and customer success vacancies.

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