Sustainability & Climate Technology

We’ll unite your business with senior talent in the climate tech space.

The climate technology market is moving rapidly. Renewable energy sources will account for over half of all global electricity production by 2035.

Significant investments will be made in the renewable energy and sustainability space over the next decade. As public and private sector priorities shift in the journey towards net zero, innovators in sustainable technology will need to act with agility to meet demands and grow with the market. 

Across all sectors, there’s an increased demand for sustainable solutions. From packaging to farming and beyond, sustainability is a rising focus for all aspects of the supply chain. 

Hire top calibre, senior sales, customer success and operations leaders to grow your business in the sustainability market and its verticals.

Climate Technology Recruitment

Goldman Sachs project that the total investment opportunity in climate technology will reach $56 trillion by 2050.

Equip your business for rapid growth. Acquire senior leaders adept at navigating the unique challenges of the climate technology market. 

Hire senior professionals fast and effectively, across sustainability technology verticals:


Renewable energy generation (wind, solar, ocean, tidal), nuclear energy generation, grid management, alternative fuels, and energy storage. 

Data & Monitoring

Low greenhouse gas chemicals, construction materials and processes. Greenhouse gas extraction, supply and recycling. Waste management technology.

Mobility & Transport

Low emission transit and shipping, micro-mobility, electric vehicles and charging, efficient transport systems, batteries & cells, and alternative travel tech.

Food, Agriculture and Land Use

Agricultural biotech/genomics , vertical and urban farming, precision agriculture and robotics, land use management.


Low greenhouse gas chemicals, construction materials and processes. Greenhouse gas extraction, supply and recycling. Waste management tecnology.

Built Environment

High efficiency fixtures, fittings, heating and cooling. Low emission construction, transformative circularity and recycling.

Grow your business

Climate technology is a board term encompassing many technologies and innovations used to address greenhouse gas emissions in the global race towards net-zero. Climate technologies have many industry applications across both public and private sectors. 

Abundant investments are projected in climate technology in the immediate future. Secure your space in the renewable and sustainability market. The strategic acquisition of senior leadership and sales talent can set your business apart and launch your solutions into new verticals.

Let us introduce you to your next senior hire in the climate technology space. 

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Find your next senior hire

Gillespie Manners is a global Executive Search firm. We specialise in sourcing mission-critical senior and niche hires for growing businesses. 

Over two decades, we’ve cultivated a vast network of senior technology talent across sales, marketing, customer success, operations and more. 

We work on a retained basis to deliver the highest calibre of talent. We exclusively headhunt, meaning we can target specific talent with pinpoint precision. 

We headhunt high quality candidates for c-level roles (CRO, CFO, CMO, COO, CIO), regional leadership positions, sales leadership roles, regional leadership roles, senior marketing and customer success vacancies.

Find out more about our unique approach to talent acquisition in the climate technology space. 

Find your next senior hire. Enlist Gillespie Manners to headhunt for climate tech roles:

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