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Senior Leadership and Technical Talent to Propel Your AI Business

Gillespie Manners – Your trusted partner in unlocking the full potential of artificial intelligence. At the helm of a visionary AI business, your success hinges on assembling a team of exceptional function leaders who can spearhead innovation, drive growth, and tackle the unique challenges of the AI landscape.

Hire Senior Talent Efficiently

We support hundreds of global technology businesses with their senior and technical talent needs. From board & advisory level and the c-suite, through to region leaders, function heads and independent contributors, our network of passive talent is vast. What’s more, we proactively headhunt based on unique criteria for each role. Our rigorous approach to talent acquisition ensures the perfect fit for your business needs, every time. 

Why enlist our Executive Search Services?

Your time is valuable, and every moment counts

In the rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence, every moment counts. Securing top talent can be a lengthy and arduous process if you’re attempting to handle everything in-house. Our streamlined talent acquisition process is tried and tested. We’ve honed a unique Executive Search methodology over two decades. It’s rigours and systematic, ensuring efficient and effective results again and again. You’ll save precious time and resources, so you can focus on driving the growth of your business.

Your team needs to be at their best

A high-performing team can fuel the creativity and technical breakthroughs your business needs to stay ahead of the competition. We understand the necessity of a strong cultural fit. Our focus isn’t just limited to technical capabilities. We’re committed to hand picking candidates who will thrive in your collaborative and fast-paced AI business.

Top quality talent is scarce

Finding exceptional, technically competent and culturally-aligned talent can be an uphill battle. The fact of the matter is, the best candidates are often already employed. Our extensive network of passive talent, combined with our proactive approach to headhunting means we’ll connect you with the most sought-after candidates on the market. We know how to attract and engage with the talent you’re seeking.

Diverse teams drive your businesses forward

Building teams that bring a diverse range of experiences and perspectives can boost efficiency and innovation. It’s what The Wall Street Journal found, and we agree. Our Executive Search practices are inclusive, and we always strive to positively impact ED&I for our clients. Our in-house ED&I committee regularly reviews our processes and holds our team accountable for driving inclusivity for ourselves and our valued partners.

Hiring is only half the battle

Our commitment doesn’t end when the successful candidate is placed. We know that retention and development are critical for sustained growth. We go the extra mile to understand your unique values, aspirations and long-term goals, ensuring the professionals we place will stand the test of time.

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