Brightpick – Chief Revenue Officer

The Client

A fully automated fulfilment solution provider for warehouses and dark stores start-up headquartered in Europe, seeking to establish themselves within the US market by hiring a first-on-the-ground Chief Revenue Officer.

The Challenge:

With the client having no prior experience hiring in the US, the Gillespie Manners team were able to advise on market-rate salary banding as well as skill-based and experiential requirements.

The Solution:

The Gillespie Manners team drew upon their expansive network to source a CRO. Following the success of this placement in establishing their US presence, they went on to expand the team with a COO, 3 Sales Directors and a Head of Solution Engineering, all sourced by Gillespie Manners.


“The Gillespie Manners team have done a fantastic job working with us as we start up our new business unit. We have asked them to find very specific candidates and without fail, they have come through with multiple qualified candidates for each opening. I would highly recommend working with Gillespie Manners, especially in today’s ultra-competitive landscape.”

– Chief Commercial Officer

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