Arca – Regional Sales Manager

The Client

A leading global cash automation technology provider, based in the US, specialized in helping organizations streamline their cash operations.

The Challenge:

With the rapidly expanding retail cannabis market, our client saw a unique growth opportunity. They aimed to establish a strong presence in this cash-driven industry by offering their innovative cash management solution to dispensaries. To accomplish this, they needed skilled sales professionals who could effectively tap into the market.

The Solution:

Enter Gillespie Manners! Our dedicated retail hardware team conducted thorough research and prequalified a list of exceptional candidates. We identified a highly qualified regional sales executive for the client’s west-coast territory, kickstarting their entry into the retail cannabis market.

Impressed with the results, the client entrusted us to expand their team further. As a result, Gillespie Manners successfully secured two additional top-tier sales professionals for their central and east coast regions.

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