The Evolution of Gillespie Manners

Zanaba Poland Marketing Manager B2B

Zanaba Poland

Marketing Manager

Unveiling a new look, and brand-new website: The evolution of Gillespie Manners.

Global Executive Search firm Gillespie Manners gets a makeover. We’ve just launched a brand new website and a refreshed new look.


Because we all need a little TLC from time to time – even b2b staffing consultancy firms. Everyone has some extra pep in their step after a trip to the barber, nail salon, facialist, or whatever else might float your boat. And it’s the same in business. Think of it as self-care, on a corporate scale.

It’s been a record breaking year at Gillespie Manners.

We’ve helped more businesses grow than ever. And our unique network of senior technology talent is more vast than it’s ever been before. So, we thought it was high time we invested in ourselves. Of course, a swanky logo won’t make a business perform better. Just like stripes on a shoe won’t make a person run any faster. But delivering mission-critical headhunting projects just feels so much more special when it’s all wrapped up in a sleek new look. 

We’re certainly not style over substance. And hopefully, we’ve proven that over the last two decades. Our expert consultants will continue to do the same thing they’ve always done – provide world-class senior recruitment services with tangible, revenue-generating results. But now in lovely new shoes. Okay… Perhaps I’ve exhausted the shoe metaphor.

Our website – has had refresh too.

As well as a new look, we’ve added heaps of new functionality. And we’re very proud of the added value we can offer our clients and candidates. Here are some of the new features:
  • A news and insights area for our specialist teams to share market news, industry commentary, hiring advice for clients and job search tips for candidates.
  • A candidate registration portal where people can sign up to get alerts on the hottest vacancies across supply chain, logistics, RFID, manufacturing, automation, retail and more.
  • A careers page. As a rapidly expanding business, we’re always on the lookout for new talent to join us. If you’ve ever considered a career in Executive Search, check it out.
  • More information about our specialist teams. You can have a cheeky virtual stalk to find out about all of our Consultants, Senior Consultants and Managers. Or learn more about the industries we serve with our senior and niche recruitment services.
  • Case Studies to demonstrate the scope and scale of our Executive Search expertise.

So, why not take a look?

What's next?

Our refreshed look and updated website ushers in a new era for Executive Search. Gillespie Manners is stronger than ever. We’ve just opened a new office, we’re rapidly growing our Research function, and we’re developing talent internally at all levels. 

The unveiling of our visual update is just the start. We’re laser-focused on continuing our quest towards helping businesses grow. And we won’t be slowing down. 

Our brand-new website: 

Features a ‘News & Insights’ section, packed with trends, analysis and news in our markets; a candidate registration portal; case studies and much more. 

Is your business on its own expansion journey?

Perhaps you’re looking to enter a new market, or establish a presence in a new territory?

We can help with that.

And funnily enough, there’s a place you can learn all about how. But if you’d rather have a good old-fashioned chat, or meeting with one of our specialist managers, please get in touch

We love our new website – but we still value human-to-human conversations.

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