Key Takeaways from Intersolar Europe 2024

Key Takeaways from Intersolar Europe 2024

In June, I attended Intersolar Europe 2024 in Munich, on behalf of Gillespie Manners. The conference was a whirlwind, and now that I’ve had a chance to reflect upon the experience and the many conversations I had with leaders from across the industry, I’ve condensed my key takeaways:

> Innovations

Over 1,000 exhibitors congregated at Messe München. Among them, some of the biggest names in the PV manufacturing space displayed the latest innovations into research and development. Perovskite has been hailed as the next big breakthrough in the solar industry for a little while now, and is currently a huge focus as major players race to successfully go-to-market with the as yet volatile material.

Innovations in battery safety and efficiency demonstrate key advancements. As Sungrow displayed its new EMS3000 system and iSolarBPS battery pre-diagnostic system, the implications for real-time health diagnostics were clear to see.

> Legislation

Speculation regarding the EU’s Net Zero Industry Act is rife within the industry. Many are optimistic about the benefits such as increased security, however some fear that overly bureaucratic processes could lead to unintended consequences in the market.  

> The role of Energy Storage

Energy storage plays an increasingly integral part in the advancement of the solar space. The European energy storage industry is expanding at rapid rates and significantly contributing towards the energy transition.

> Impacts on the Jobs Market

There is monumental demand for a transition to clean energy sources, and the pressure has never been greater. But with the added urgency comes heightened opportunities across the board. The growth demonstrated by the solar industry presents significant room for career advancement for those looking to pivot into the market from other areas of technology, sales and leadership.

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By Callum Moriarty

Senior Executive Search Consultant and Climate Technology/Sustainability Lead at Gillespie Manners

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