“Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion”, Jack Welch

The right leadership is essential for any business to get close to its full potential and to achieve a high performance. Those who sit in the c-suite, around the board table and who sit on leadership teams need to be able to drive the culture of the business and to able to achieve short term performance whilst leading and implementing medium and longer term strategies, and, keeping investors and shareholders happy. Gaps in leadership performance will have exponentially negative effects on a business into the medium term so it is essential the right people are in the right jobs when it comes to an organizations leadership structure.
Gillespie Manners Leadership practice exists to help clients achieve their business goals and personal career ambitions by finding the right people to fill leadership roles. From Non Executive Directors and CEO’s through CFO, HRD, COO, CIO and the full range of VP and EVP and Director roles including sales and marketing and international leadership roles.

Andrew Manners, the Managing Director of Gillespie Manners, heads up the Leadership Practice and all C-Suite roles are handled by senior leaders within Gillespie Manners, people who are all on their own leadership journeys and can understand the business case behind these roles, and, who can empathise with other business leaders; be they on the client or candidate side of an Executive Search project.