Our services are specifically designed to suit a variety of recruitment needs and are adaptable to fit your business environment, industry as well as project size. The information below will help define each individual service that Gillespie Manners provides and for a more in-depth understanding of our offering, you can also view comprehensive online product presentations.

Executive Search

Executive Search is our principal service offering and is used to source candidates for senior, executive and highly specialised positions within an organization. With a proven Search methodology Gillespie Manners Search and Selection is able to provide “best in market” individuals to our clients. Our dedicated research team, as well as own market knowledge and networks, are used to conduct thorough research and “market mapping” at the start of a search in order to gain a full understanding of where the best individuals will be found. We guarantee to deliver, demonstrated by our financial model of Executive Search. The fee is back end loaded based upon successful completion of the project.

Project Search

Project Search is a volume based Executive Search solution, best suited when your business is looking at multiple hires, across numerous geographies and role titles. This service offers economies of scale; it is our full Executive Search service with a reduced initial investment by the client.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

RPO is a solution provided for customers looking to outsource a part, or all, of their recruitment activities to Gillespie Manners. This allows Gillespie Manners to offer a financial solution with improved economies of scale, less/reduced upfront investment, improvements in time to hire/ improved time to hire, and the ability to build talent pools for customers. Our delivery model is based on Executive Search, with guaranteed delivery and the utilisation of our research function.

Market Expansion Services

Many of our clients are at various stages of growth on an international basis. To support these activities Gillespie Manners partner with various organisations providing sales growth and product consulting to high growth tech customers.