Corporate Social Responsibility

Companies in today’s global economy are not only accountable for the quality of their services and the profitability of their businesses, they also have an obligation to fulfil social and environmental commitments to their employees, customers, partners, and shareholders as well as to the communities in which they operate.

Gillespie Manners Limited commitments are built on our ability to help facilitate collaboration and provide people and businesses with access to information and opportunities that improve the way people work, live, and learn. In this way, we can help ensure successful outcomes for people’s career goals and business aspirations, whilst engaging with the community around us.

Charitable work

Gillespie Manners and it’s employees have a commitment to engaging in charitable activities, making donations to selected local charities. The main charity we are working with is the Hospice of St Francis, based in Berkhamsted.

We are a Bronze level corporate partner, making monthly donations as well as conducting various one-off events to raise further money for the Hospice.